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Toy / Video Game Catalogue Creation

  • Participate full-cycle – from brainstorming to prototyping design projects.

  • Development  – of new toy and video game promotional materials for the new product lines.

  • Designer Toys / Video Games – visualizing and designing toys / video games.

  • Modeling Clothing – for all characters.

  • Gather feedback – from focus groups for our iterative design process.

  • Implement targeted partnerships – with associated advertising companies to promote digital content & toy / video game catalog extensions, etc. – eCommerce online store integrated in children’s educational portal.

  • Provide Collectors Edition – toys / video games, fold out illustrations, and maps.

  • Create in-Game branding – and quests for digital games to promote Collectors Edition.

  • Integration – with third-party order fulfillment for shipping and beyond.

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