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Characters Into Action Figures

Together we'll decide what figure style and specifications will best bring the character to toy life. From articulation points / joints, accessories, to lights and sound chips. We love pushing boundaries in toy design. We recommend the best design options to suit the toy or collectible’s purpose, audience and business goals.

A number of creative toy decisions are made in sync with the client, including:



  • Plastics – Vinyl/PVC (polyvinyl chloride), ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), PS (polystyrene) and others, depending on toy design & function.

  • Paints – We work with a variety of oil and model paints, with a variety of application methods including washes, air brush, hand brush, tampo pad printing.

  • Other Materials – We can incorporate other materials into the toy, such as magnets, electronics, resin, plush and fabrics, metal, etc.


  • Articulation Points – Are poseable joints and limbs that move, rotate or disconnect.  The simplest action figures have 1 articulation point (e.g., the head can rotate) or 3 articulation points (e.g., the head and both arms can rotate). Some of our figures are extremely flexible, with over 14 points of articulation.  The engineering and joints are hidden into the figure sculpture as much as possible.

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