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Danny Doublin

Danny is an experienced Visual Development Artist at Ayata Interactive Media (AIM) with a demonstrated history of working in the toy, table top game/board game and entertainment industries. He is a strong professional creative skilled in Product Design, Toy Design, Game Design, Conceptual Art, Illustration, Storyboarding, Brainstorming, Collaborating, Packaging, POP and Character Design.  Danny has extensive experience with action figures at Spinmaster as well as Hasbro and Mattel.


His most successful action figure worked on at was for Marvel Legends where he helped to develop and prototype action figures.  He has extensive experience in working at smaller company action figures including play sets.  He comes with a proven track record of working on paint operations as well as working with different materials such as Glow in the dark, etc.
He has also worked on DC line - DC Heroes, when he was at By George, where he worked on action figures which were 6” (retailed at $7.99 and $9.99).  He handled the design from concept sketches to complete turnaround, where he worked in partnership with Mattel through their factories.  While at Spinmaster, he spearheaded the QA division and handled all manufacturing.  He was instrumental in creating Flashforce (similar to robots – ½” and 1”) which involved 70 characters that mutated.  He comes with a proven track record in designing new action figures and inventing unique game mechanics, as well as modifies existing mechanics, while supporting brand strategies.
His forte has been in: Collaborating with designers, marketing, outside vendors and engineers to create rich immersive consumer experiences through products and events.  Illustrated original assets for component concepts, final artwork, pitch boards, game and packaging mock-ups.  He has also produced a high volume of graphics and marketing collateral for a variety of trade shows, conventions and toy fairs, while identifying and staying up to date on market trends, viral sensations and pop culture as whole. He has created graphic and user interfaces for web and mobile apps including Leap Search for Leap Frog’s Leap Pad Ultra, Kid Zuid web browser and IOS iPad app, along with the re-design of  His past experience has been to support ad sales by creating custom ad units, brand pages and campaign strategies for various clients including: Disney, Nintendo, Mc Donald’s and DreamWorks.  Worked with several internal teams to maintain brand identity of Power Rangers, Paul Frank, Digimon Fusion and Vortexx. Painted prototype action figures: (Toy Biz’s, Lord of the Rings, Marvel Legends, Spiderman pre-school line, Marvel pre-school line, Palisades’ Muppets, Diamond Comics’ Diamond Select line and Dark Horse Comics).  He has also fabricated molds and casted parts.
He has successfully worked on multiple products concurrently at different stages of development, while leading regular ideation sessions for new game/product development and play testing (internal and external).  He has participated in product strategy development, creating innovative slots and rationale for existing brand. His expertise includes concept design, heavy sculpting, molding as well as Illustrating and Storyboard. His software expertise include: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Procreate, SketchUp, Microsoft Office and Sketchbook Pro.

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