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Ivan Nogalo

Ivan is a Product Design Expert at Ayata Interactive Media (AIM) with proven success in delivering results specializing in New Product Launch, Concept Modeling, Product Ideation, Rapid Prototyping, Surface Modeling, Business Development, Process Control, Design Systems Implementation, Infrastructure, Team Leadership and Project Management.


He was the Sr. Design Engineer for Todd McFarlane Productions for 5 years and was tasked with creating a brand new toy division of McFarlane Toys called McFarlane Construction Sets (MCS). 

In less than six months, his team created a brand new division with product on shelves starting with The Walking Dead Construction Sets.  His level of accountability covered the ideation of toy concept ideas both within the realm of construction sets and action figure development, brick element design/function while meeting cost targets and deadline deliverables.  In less than 4 years MCS went from an idea to over $41M+ in revenue. He has responsible for the entire product line and handled R&D, engineering, design engineering for Cuphead and Fortnite.  He also developed a bionicle version for Rick & Morty, which were 12” buildable figures that included new skeletal figures for action figures. The toys were a massive hit in retail stores where Walmart placed an initial order – 100K pieces of each action figure.


He has also worked for Hasbro where he implemented Design Process Control for their newly launched construction brick toy called KRE-O.  He implemented an entire digital asset system library/infrastructure that did not previously exist from the ground up.  He has incorporated data and input from the Design, Engineering, Management, Marketing, Packaging and Instruction for teams.  He was able to produce a solution that answered all of their needs within one software program - Solidworks 3D. 


He has worked intimately and alongside Hasbro Toys' Designers, Project Managers and Directors to help create an entire design process control infrastructure to support launch of KRE-O construction build product with over 30,000 individual parts.  He has a proven track record in working closely with Engineering, Marketing, Instructions and Design to find and a fivefold solution that addressed all of the major issues to bring success within 11 months’ time.  He has an exceptional track record of developing a high level of trust with Walmart, working on the Five Nights of Freddy Toy line, where he came up with four different price points ranging from $7.99 to $50 that adhered to specific metrics that Walmart sells.


His core skills include: Plastic part design, plastic injection molded parts, minimal electrical design, team cohesion, project management, multichannel communication, mold design advisement.  He is an expert in Solidworks 3D native design environment to help create streamlines and efficiencies of over 800% in areas of instruction step creations, SWAG product accuracies within 3%, digital library assets, engineering costs all while reducing the design time from 8 weeks to 5 days.

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