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William E. Thomason

Bill is an Advisor to Ayata Interactive Media (AIM) and an author, investment professional, serial entrepreneur, startup advisor, impact investor and expert in financial literacy, Fin-tech and Block Chain.  He has managed a mutual fund (small/ mid-cap contrarian); a hedge fund (long/short) and a community development venture capital fund.  

Bill is a published author "Make Money Work for You - Instead of You Working For It" John Wiley in 2006. Money Lessons from a Money Manager speaks directly to the individual who wants to manage their own investment portfolio just like a professional portfolio manager would. 

The book ‘s foreword written by Charles Schwab , Jr. states: “Bill Thomason shares his insight on how to determine whether an investment will be profitable or, just as important, if an investment will likely not be profitable. He is an experienced financial analyst and portfolio manager who provides both traditional and alternative asset management advice…on investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, as well as hedge funds, private equity, venture capital and real estate investments.” His book covers such subjects as fundamental analysis, understanding financial statements and financial ratios, when to buy and sell, portfolio construction and various investment strategies that readers can use to manage their own money just like a professional portfolio manager.
He is the founder of a youth financial literacy non-profit the "Wall Street Wizards" based in San Francisco with a satellite program in New York. Bill is an Advisor to Numeric - Numeric is the first business intelligence platform for software development.  Bill is also an Advisor and Board Member of Museum of Jazz & Art (MOJA) Oakland, Barrelletix.  Bill is also the Managing Partner and Co-founder of E3 Innovation Fund.
Bill's foray into investing and venture capital world has been mentored Jerome Dodson (Founder of Parnassus Investments) and Mitch Kapor (Founder of Lotus Development Corporation).
These driving forces have defined his career and life choices – Social Impact, Innovation, Creativity, Finance, Investment, Entrepreneurship and Music.  Bill is an avid guitarist, piano player and songwriter and he has begun to nurture his lifelong love of music and songwriting.  He now does music and scores for indy films.  Bill is represented by William Morris Endeavor Agency (WME).


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