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Our Offering

  • Toy Design

  • Video Game Development

  • Manufacturing & Logistics

  • Merchandising

  • Distribution

Ayata Interactive Media (AIM) has partnerships with industry leaders who can design, develop, manufacture and sell toys and video games worldwide.  This includes app development, action figures, novelty toys, mobile apps, and accessories.  We can work with electronic toys/games, puzzles, models, dolls, etc.

​Worldwide Distribution 

Distribution will be provided by our strategic partners Kulturezine/The Orchard/Sony, which facilitates global distribution for video games and soundtracks.

Our Goal:


Our goal is to design, develop interactive action figure playsets, a series of toys and video games representing your characters, and distribute to retail outlets and big-box stores such as Walmart, Target as well as McDonald's - Happy Meals. 

Your project is divided into three major steps for each character to be developed: 3D character design, approval of prototypes to create motion graphic pieces. 


  • 1st step - Create the character prototypes with unique patterns to represent their personalities and backgrounds. Design their weapons and outfits to show their distinctive features.

  • 2nd step - Develop prototype and garner approval from the client.

  • 3rd step - To design different promotional videos to introduce each toy model and video game. Then publish videos in a online format, and submit them to toy stores, video game store outlets and/or potential buyers.  These videos will be mainly focused on promoting our toy line and video games.



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